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The Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Governor determined that Brent Fischer, executive director of the standards board since 2015, issued the certificate to Howard Buffett, who had served a 14-month appointment as Macon County sheriff and in 2016 had donated land and $15 million for a law enforcement training academy. Buffett’s name is redacted in the report but he’s identified by his resume and philanthropic activity. The  standards board removed Fischer , who had previously been Adams County Sheriff for 17 years, on Sept. 8 from the $156,780 job after receiving the inspector general’s report. Such reports are by law kept confidential unless released by the Executive Ethics Commission, although reports that lead to termination of employment must be released within 60 days. The inspector general’s investigation found that three hours after the board accepted a like this $10,000 donation from Buffett in January 2019 for a canine training program, Fischer issued a training waiver to allow Buffett to serve as a part-time undersheriff and a certificate to become a part-time law enforcement officer. “Certification of law enforcement officer status, especially considering the significant public interest in maintaining integrity in that process, should not be minimized nor should it be provided based on someone’s ability to financially contribute … to the law enforcement community,” the report said.

The answer is a “pre-exhaustion” approach. Instead of lifting a 60-pound barbell 10-times and doing curls for the biceps muscles, first, lift 30- pounds and do as many curls as possible (perhaps 30, 40 or more), fatiguing the biceps. Rest only briefly, just long enough to take a few breaths, then repeat, this time lifting 40-pounds. Because the biceps muscles were “pre-exhausted” with 30-pounds, 40-pounds will feel much heavier and will challenge the muscles in a similar way 60- pounds would if the muscles were fresh. The good news is, stress on the joints will be much less, even though the biceps muscle is being challenged adequately. You may like: We know it's uncomfortable, but as soon as you're eligible, active get a colonoscopy. Here's why How resistance training can help challenge your aging muscles Another approach works well when using machines with a weight stack. To adjust the weight, you pull out a pin and reinsert it at the desired weight. This makes changing the weight quick and easy.

Zenity raises $5M for low-code/no-code security Zenity CEO Ben Kliger, left, and CTO Michael Bargury Hear from CIOs, CTOs, and other C-level and senior execs on data and AI strategies at the Future of Work Summit this January 12, 2022. Learn more Zenity , a developer of a platform for securing increasingly prevalent low-code/no-code applications, today announced it has emerged from stealth with $5 million in seed funding. Launched just this past April, Tel Aviv, Israel-based Zenity was founded by CEO Ben Kliger and Chief Technology Officer Michael Bargury, Microsoft alums who had worked together on the Azure cloud platform and on cloud security. Low-code/no-code tools simplify app development and open the process up to non-technical workers. The tools typically provide a visual approach to creating apps, such as with drag-and-drop methods. A recent survey conducted by Salesforce, which offers low-code tools, found 83% of IT leaders report plans to boost their use of low-code platforms for app development. Along with Salesforce, other providers of low-code/no-code tools include Microsoft (with its Power Platform), Mendix, Appian, and Airtable . However, even with all of their benefits, low-code/no-code methods bring the potential for introducing vulnerabilities unless there are strong security and governance practices, according to Zenity. The Zenity platform provides “full visibility and control” over low-code/no-code app development platforms, according to the company’s website.