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Nov 24, 2021  

ISO standard for mobile driving licenses published ISO standard for mobile driving licenses published Categories Biometrics News  |  Civil / National ID  |  Mobile Biometrics In a move that should speed the adoption of and investment in mobile driving licenses (mDL), the International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission have released 18013-5 , which defines interface specifications for the digital credentials on mobile devices. According to a post by HID Global , which has a sizable stake in the future of digital credentials, the spec codifies the verification of mDL data integrity, authentication of mDL data’s origin, how an mDL ties into an mDL holder and how to use a machine to read mDL data. Guidance for using biometrics in mDL authentication is included in the standard, along with requirements for the storage of mDL data and private keys. HID promises end-to-end digital identity systems for governments. ID vendors, especially those working with biometric data, are still waiting on ISO to finish ISO/IEC DIS 23220-1, which will govern security devices and cards for personal identification. Part of the standard under development deals with generic architectures for electronic ID systems. Similarly, the industry is watching progress with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s standard for digital travel credentials . Recently, UL developed a certification program for electronic identification, or eID, products for compliance to ISO/IEC 18013-5:2021, the protocol standard for interoperable personal identification with mobile driving licenses, which has been in development for a number of years.

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Mine drainage exiting Natalie-Occidental mine entrance. If nearby ski areas have to rely on more intensely mineralized and acidified water to make artificial snow, that could compound the problem, McKnight adds. Spring melting could wash metals that collect in the prior winter’s artificial snow into nearby streams in a concentrated pulse. Rue’s findings are less a cause for alarm than a cue for additional research, Manning says. “There are so few watersheds where we have long-term water quality data that we’re left with the bigger question of ‘How widespread is this?’” says Manning, who recently sampled watersheds across Colorado to try to answer that question. “This is very much a concern, but one of the big things we’re trying to figure out right now is how concerned we should be. We just don’t know.” Rue’s work has seen him splashing around waterways in New Zealand—some of them thick enough with iron oxide to stain his tennis shoes orange. In his travels there nearly four years ago, Rue visited an abandoned coal mine where tanks of oyster shells, which are naturally alkaline, are being used to neutralize acidic runoff from old mine shafts and reduce the load of metals coming from them. He hopes to see similar innovations in the U.S. to address contaminated runoff from abandoned mines. With demand for rare earth elements outpacing the global supply chain, harvesting minerals from the polluted water in these mountain streams could both address a manufacturing need and ease environmental concerns—if technological and legal hurdles can be overcome.

photo The Water Department made a call to action for voluntary assistance from our customers to prevent a water shortage. Thankfully our wonderful customers listened and helped us get through the worst portion of the season. Public water systems are required by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality to prepare for long-term growth through coordinated browse around this web-site comprehensive improvement plans. The city updates our plan every 10 years, looking at patterns to forecast annual growth, anticipated water use and overall demand. It takes about three years to plan and construct a new well or storage facility. However, a long-term plan cannot account for sudden housing booms or record heat waves. What are we doing to compensate for increased water use? Per the planned schedule, a new well is under construction and was expected to be online by this July. Then COVID hit and supplies, materials and equipment became difficult to acquire. Projects came to a halt.